Friday, January 8, 2010

BYS - Key Largo

Like Kokomo, there is a song I get in my head when I think of Key Largo

Unfortunately, Bertie Higgins is nowhere near as hot as John Stamos so the visual is not so great (although I have included the video of Bertie on his boat - mercifully after the jump - for those of you into hairy men on boats).

If there was ever a lacquer that screamed 'OMG Evil Angel, you have to have this lacquer, you were separated at birth', Key Largo is it.

This is a glorious black, paint-like lacquer that smooths on beautifully and is opaque in one coat (although I did two for the swatch, just to see if two could change the colour.  It didn't.  One is enough with this lacquer).

I'm not usually a huge fan of black but I have been wearing this on a near daily basis for the last few weeks.  The bottle is already a quarter gone.  It's elegant, sophisticated, easy to use and just BEAUTIFUL.  If there was one colour that is a must have from the BYS Tropical Collection, this is absolutely it.


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