Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ulta3 - Beesting

(Once again, please forgive the overall crappiness of this photo.  We have just moved house and I'm still tinkering with the lighting situation. Thanks for being understanding!)

Ooooh, I have such a weakness for dusty pinks and Beesting is a little ripper.

This is a lovely, frosty, almost velvet-like pink. It reminds me (and this is a good memory) of my French grandmother and the stunning 19th century curtains she had in her home.  I remember, as a child, buring my face in those curtains and reveling in the warmth and softness.

This is like those velvet curtains.  Old world elegance and softness.  Perfect for work and infinitely suitable for evening wear.  For me, this is my absolute and utter favourite out of all of the Ulta3s.

I've had a few of you email me about the longevity of these.  I'll be honest.  They won't last a week on the nail, even with a good base and top coat.  But they do last two-three days before chipping.

So, what do you guys think?  Stay tuned later today.  I have a Take II on a lacquer I recently tried and failed with.


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