Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hey There, Wait A Minute Mr Postman - My mum is wicked ace

One of the good things about having parents who live in Europe (aside from the fact that my mum's nagging abilities are way diluted from that distance), is that they are able to pick up for me polishes that I might not otherwise get, or which are too expensive to post to Australia.

And then, other times, they get me Chanel just because they know I love all things Chanel.  I even named my dog, Kabuki, after a Chanel lacquer.  This time, my mum bought me Vendetta, which I've been lemming something fierce for a while. 

What can I say about Vendetta, other than it's Chanel and it's freaking gorgeous.  I've been wearing this to death the last few days.  I think I'm going to have to buy a second back-up bottle.

Once I'd recovered from my fainting fit at seeing Vendetta, my mother then followed up with a double serve of Illamasqua's Dystopia Collection.  On the left is Velocity and on the right is Obsess.

I am in high end heaven.  I'm not a nail snob by any means.  Case in point: my love for BYS lacquers.  But these lacquers, along with my RBL lacquers, are something really special.  It's a mix of the colours, the creaminess of the formulas, the longevity on the nail.

So, what do you guys think?  Do you love Vendetta as much as I do?  And what about Illamasqua.  For me, I just think of ice-cream when I see them.


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