Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Etude House - Red, Silver and Gold Beauties + Ruby Pumps Dupe!

I've had these Etude House lacquers since the start of the year but just never got around to swatching them.  They've actually been sitting on my bureau because, quite simply, they are the most beautiful lacquer bottles I've ever seen.  There's almost a Marie Antoinette grandeur and elegance about them that I adore.

So I pulled my finger out  (uh yeah, the elegance portion of this post has now ended) and finally got around to swatching them.  Peep them after the jump.

BR003 - yep, Asian naming conventions!
This is a really strange silver because it has a tiny tinge of gold through it.  A unique lacquer in my collection.

A very cool gold that would be great for cool skin tones.

Luscious strawberry red.  As you can guess, this is my favourite of the three.  It's also a prime candidate as a dupe for China Glaze's Ruby Pumps

Have I finally got my duping mojo back?  These are extraordinarily similar.  The Etude House is a raspberry red vs the Ruby Pumps, which is more of a true deep red but, really, the only way you could tell is by looking up close.

So what do you guys think of these lacquers?  And how exquisite are those bottles?!


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