Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jessica - Perchance to Dream

I really like Jessica polishes but, unfortunately, I do not heart Perchance to Dream as much as the others.

It's another one of those lacquers that looks AMAZING in the bottle, but it just does not translate to the nail.

In the bottle, it is a soft, frosty pink.  On the nail, the pink all but disappears and you're left with a white frost that is... well..... underwhelming.

The formula is, as always with Jessica, sublime, quick to opaque and dries to a lovely shine.  But, yeah, the colour does not perform as it might.

Edited to add: I just realised how horribly maudlin this post is.  So, to keep things happy, my mum arrived from Europe yesterday and I have........ Chanel.


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