Monday, July 5, 2010

Zoya - Adina

 I'm playing around with watermarks due to people taking my photos.  I don't mind people using my photos but please give me credit if you do!

One lacquer that I've been wearing alot of recently is Zoya's Adina, which came out earlier this year as part of the Reverie Spring 2010 Collection.

When this came out, there was alot of chat about it being a Scrangie dupe, which was exciting news because Scrangie, at that time, was pretty much sold out.

It most definitely isn't a dupe of the exquisite Scrangie but it is a really beautiful lacquer that stands proudly all on its own.  It literally has a hundred different looks.  In the sun, the green flashes are brilliant.  In muted lights, the purple base is stronger.  It's a chameleon.

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