Monday, July 12, 2010

Models Inc - Princess

Sometimes you buy a lacquer just because it looks exquisite in the bottle.  I bought Models Inc's Princess because I imagined that, on the nail, it would be like a pink version of OPI's Mad as a Hatter.  I imagined a blanket of sparkly glitters that would enable my nails to be seen from space.

Were my great expectations met? Hell no.

Unfortunately, the blanket effect I was hoping for never quite materialised.  As soon as I looked at how the lacquer coated the brush, I realised this was a layering lacquer.  Ok, no problems, I can deal.  If it dramatically transforms a lacquer, it's still good, right?

Instead, after three painstaking coats - and me realising it was never going to work - this is all I got.  And the beautiful pink glitter is all but lost due to the sparse distribution.  The red underneath (I'm reviewing the red later in the week) is not transformed or even mildly altered.

I don't think this is a bad lacquer.  But just a disappointment when you think about what it could have been.

So, guys, tell me about a lacquer you had high expectations for that ended up disappointing.


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