Sunday, July 11, 2010

Naily News #37

Have you entered the YGF Giveaway?  Click here for your chance to win a bronzer from Illamasqua.

Kaz glitterbombs the Street Wear.

OMG Tangerine Scream, get in my hands.

Want icy blue metallic?  Miss Nixxy has your poison.

If you're going to call your lacquer Slamming Red, you better make sure it's slamming.  It is.

Another fab 4th July manicure.  God, you American lasses are talented.

Could Ginger be the Queen of Pink as well?  Computer says yes.

You guys all know my love of Diana.  Just click and sigh.

If you have a great manicure to share, paste a link in the comments. 

Otherwise, enjoy 'The Exciting Adventures of Jacie Eating Dirt' after the jump.

Something many of you may not know about me is that I fall over.  And I don't just mean on occasion.  Try every occasion.  I've had my ears checked to determine if the issue is related to balance.  Nope. I just like eating dirt apparently.

I had a fall earlier this week at the train station where I fell UP the stairs. It was epic.  Arms flailing, handbag giving other passengers whiplash, LOTS of 'oh no' gasping from me.  Only I could defy the laws of gravity and fall upwards.  This was done in front of approximately 100 fellow commuters who now know me as 'that chick who fell up the stairs at Richmond Station'.

In the past few years, I've had a number of memorable falls.  On my first day of work at my current company, Brett agreed to walk me to the station with the boys.  No sooner had we hit the pavement - BANG - I hit the pavement.  The boys all start laughing at me, but I manage to pick myself up and salvage some dignity.  Two steps and - BANG POW WHAM - I go down again.  They start laughing (I suspect they hadn't finished laughing from the first time) and I realise there is no dignity left to salvage.

Another time, I fell at an arena (Rod Laver for the Melbourne girls).  I was meeting some friends for a concert so decided to climb a hill to get a better vantage point.  I eventually spot them and start waving.  I probably should have concentrated more on my footing because I fell and rolled - yes ROLLED - down the hill. In front of thousands of people. I instantly became the pre-show entertainment.

My favourite falling over episode happened over three days.  I was running for the train (what is it with me and commuter travel) and, just as I got to the train door, I went down.  A very lovely man picked me up and helped me onto the train.

The next day, I'm running for the same train and, yep you guessed it, I fell over AGAIN.  The same man who picked me up the day before picked me up again and said 'Didn't you do this yesterday'.  He got me seated and walked off, his shoulders heaving with laughter.  I don't blame him.

The following day, I decide to go to a different train station hoping to avoid a repeat.  As I'm walking down the ramp to the platform, I did the splits.  Not that impressive except that I had never been able to do them before this moment.  Let's just say it wasn't nearly as graceful as when Prince does his splits.

So yeah, I fall over.  Surely I'm not alone?  Are there any fellow tumblers out there? Tell me your falling over stories and let's all have a laugh at each other's expense.


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