Thursday, July 22, 2010

Models Inc - Midnite Blue + Phallic Dupe

Seriously, I don't get the spelling of this? Why spell midnight that way?  It's not like the lacquer is gangsta. Ah, it's the small things that bother me.

This is probably the best Models Inc I've tried so far. Beautifully creamy, opaque in two coats, and dark like night.  The shimmer is super fine and peaks through in the light.

As soon as I started applying this, I immediately thought of Illamasqua's Phallic.  So I did a comparison of the two.  Phallic is on the top nail whilst Midnite Blue is on the bottom.

These are super close and, I suspect, you probably couldn't tell them apart from afar.  The Illamasqua formula is superior and the finish is a little more complex and vibrant than the Midnite Blue but, really, if you're after a cheap dupe, this is a good one.


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