Thursday, July 29, 2010

Manicare - Glam Nails

We all know that, when it comes to nail art, mine is probably more accurately described as fail art.  I'm just no good at it, which is probably why I spare you my konadicures.

But I had really high hopes for Manicare's Glam Nails.  Really, how could I fail?  I help my kids apply stickers all the time so how hard could this be....

You know where this is heading.... I had tossed up whether to show you guys this review but the lovely Anita convinced me on Sunday that it's important for the good to always be balanced with the... er... not so good.  So peep away.....

These come packaged in sealed foil.  At first I couldn't figure out why but then I realised that this is because these stickers are actual nail polish and, as with any nail polish, prolonged exposure will dry the product out.

You get two strips of 8 nails, of varying sizes.  To apply you tear a nail off, remove the backing paper and stick on the nail.  It really is as simple as that.

Here it is freshly applied.  The big problem I had with this was not the stickers so much (although they are problematic, which I will go into later).

It's the size of the stickers.  I must have really small nails because, with the exception of my middle fingers, every sticker was wayyyy too wide for my fingers.  As you can see, the stickers overlap onto my skin.  This isn't the end of the earth but it puts paid to the idea of this being a quick and easy manicure because significant cleanup and filing is required.

I think this photo really kinda sums up both the good and the bad. When this works, as it has on my middle finger, it's beautiful.  When it doesn't, as on my index and little fingers, it's pretty damn ordinary.  Cleanup is horrendous and took forever and, even then, I either got a messy finish or, as on the index finger, it actually tore into pieces.

In short, I'm pretty crap at these types of things so I suspect a more experienced nail practitioner would have done a much better job.  For a nail luddite and useless incompetent like myself, I think I'm better off sticking to liquid applications!

Have any of you tried these and, if so, what did you think?


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