Saturday, July 3, 2010

Topshop - Fiesty + Parma Violet

When my lovely mother in law asked me if there were any lacquers that I desperately wanted to trial, I immediately screamed 'TOPSHOP'.  I screamed this so loudly that I am sure she heard me all the way in North Yorkshire, England.

As always, Kath did not disappoint in her selection.  From the cute little bottles to the brush to the formula, these are winning lacquers.  Click on the jump to see!

Parma Violet (sorry can't find a link for this one)
This is a pale violet that is just beautiful to apply, which is saying something given it's effectively a pastel and pastels are normally a pain in the caboose.

Like me!  This is a stunning coral pink that would suit.... I don't know... EVERYONE!

All up, these are great lacquers and I can't wait to try more.  Once again, to my English ladies, I don't know how you can contain yourselves when you go shopping.  I'd be a total mess -  wide and teary eyed, possibly dribbling and you better believe I'd be yelling 'OH MY GOD' every three seconds. I'm an embarrassment. 

Please stay tuned because we have a winner in the Coral Colours Swatch Watch Competition! Announcement to follow shortly! And yes, there will be more indiscriminate usage of exclamation marks!!


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