Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bloom - Mena

Behold, Bloom's Mena!  I feel like trumpets should be heralding the arrival of this truly spectacular lacquer.

I absoutely have not done justice to Mena in this photo.  This comes through in the photo as a black with silver glitter.  In reality, there are a billion different colours of glitter in this lacquer, from red to green to blue.

Definitely click to see the larger version (on the larger version, the glitter is clearer).

Formua wise, I think this is the best Bloom I've come across.  This is a true, one coat and it's opaque lacquer.  No kidding, the swatch on the right is one, glorious coat.

It's smooth, silky and bringing sexy back, one piece of micro-glitter at a time.  This is a clear star for Bloom.  If they ever choose to discontinue it, I will wage a one woman protest (I might be able to trick Nixxy into coming with me if I promise her hot men) outside Bloom HQ.

What do you guys think?  Do you like Bloom's Mena?


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