Tuesday, March 9, 2010

LA Splash - Mystery Red

This LA Splash is from my Fiji Finds.  I have no idea of the name of this. If there was a sticker it's long gone.  And, aside from the front of the bottle, all of the imprinted information has been scratched off.

I had zero expectations with this.  The formula, in the bottle, looked separated and 'oily' and the brush was wonkadonk.  The only reason I really bought this was the novelty factor.

Given the horrors of the brush (seriously it looks like a stippling brush), I ended up using a spare OPI Pro Wide Brush* instead, shook the bottle really well and hoped for the best.  If ever there was a Kamikaze Manicure, this was it.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised.  Although the lacquer had completely separated, which no amount of shaking would resolve, it still applied well enough that I only needed two coats.

Of course, given all that shaking, this bubbled pretty much straight away (which you can see on my index finger).

But it's still a good result.  It's just the kind of blue red that I covet with a passion.  I just wish it wasn't so crazy past its use by date.

*Don't throw away your OPI Pro-Wide Brushes once the bottle has finished / can no longer be used.  Clean the brush with acetone and store in a dry, clean container.  I have about ten that I keep, which I use when I'm applying a lacquer that has a rubbish brush, as happened here.


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