Sunday, March 14, 2010

Naily News #23

Stay tuned ladies, because I'm just about to draw the winner of the Great Aussie Swatch Watch!  I'll announce the winner later today.

And stay tuned to YGN because the March Giveaway kicks off tomorrow.  You won't want to miss this one - it's a doozy!

Short n' Chic has a beautiful cornflower blue to die for.

Nixxy = green = holo.  Jacie = mad jealous.

Nihrida has another cornflower blue that is just magical.

Where else would you find a polish that looks like pee AND The Young Ones all in one post.  Click here to find out.

Nail Juice shares a sweet peach.

Everywhere I look is cornflower blue.  Naive Nails mixes it up with a konad and it is SPECTACULAR.

If my love for grey lacquers wasn't enough, Laine now introduces me to slates.  *Shakes fist at Laine*

Sister Leanne has a polka dot manicure that is just the squee.

Ummm, it's RBL.  Just click.  And who else is as excited as me that RBL have reduced their international delivery prices?!

Kae has the best swatch of Mad as a Hatter that I've seen.

If you have a nail related post, paste a link in the comments!  Naily News is all about sharing the blog good karma.


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