Wednesday, March 10, 2010

China Glaze - Up and Away - Part III - Blues, Greens & Purples

If you've missed them, click for:  Part I - Yellows and Part II - Pinks.

Finally, we get to my favourite colours of this collection and the one lacquer that I believe, in years to come, will be a lacquer that everyone has, or should have, in their collection.

Flyin' High
This is a lovely, creamy blue.  I'm not sure this colour is easily dupe-able, although if you guys know of one, let me know in the comments.

I adore this colour.  It looks like it could be a pain in the a**, but it wasn't. Much.

I compared this to a recent acquisition, Marks and Spencer's Mint Green.  To my eye, the Marks and Spencer's lacquer is more blue, whist Refresh-Mint seems to be a very out and proud green.

Four Leaf Clover
Man, this was a hard lacquer to capture.  The camera insisted on washing this out.  Have no doubt that this is an amazing neon green.  It's the one utterly unique colour out of this collection.  Love it.

Light as Air
This is a beautiful lavender.  This was kinda painful, application wise, but I love the colour, so I'll deal.

Grape Pop
Ok, this is the hands down, pants down (ok, maybe keep the pants up, this is a family friendly site) winner of this entire collection.  It's exquisite, amazing and a must have.  It glides on easily, is opaque in two coats - one coat if you're skilled enough, I'm not - and looks adorable. I want to MARRY it,

So that concludes this collection.  Now you can tell me the hits or misses!


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