Thursday, March 25, 2010

Etude House - PK001

I've figured out that Etude House's naming conventions are based on the respective colour family.  So, in my previous Etude House review, the OR stands for Orange.  Here, the PK stands for Pink.  Neat, huh?

In this case, the PK also stands for Pain in my Keister, because this lacquer caused me no end of frustration.

My problem wasn't the colour, which is a lovely lollipop pink.  This is a great colour for those of you in the midst of spring.

My problem was the formula.  Think of slightly thickened milk and you have this lacquer.  It was near impossible to control.  The photo here is my fifth attempt at a swatch.  FIFTH.  The previous four times, I flooded my cuticles, resulting in a super messy finish that I did not want to terrify you guys with.

Pain in the Keister. Beautiful colour but I'm not convinced it's worth the effort.

Rather than leave you guys on a negative note, here's some photos of the Butter Cake I made yesterday.  I'm a terrible cook but a great baker (go figure).  These photos were taken at 5pm.  By 9pm, it was gone.  The boys just sat at the dining room table after dinner and ate and ate and ate until it was finished.


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