Monday, March 1, 2010

Great Aussie Swatch Watch - BYS - Voting Now Open

The featured lacquer for this month's Great Aussie Swatch Watch is BYS.  BYS is, for me, the little brand that could and did. Great quality formula, on trend and all for under $5 a bottle which, for us Australians, is super cheap.

It seems like the trend for this summer is neon (think China Glaze Poolside) so I went through the stash of colours provided by Director Dave and came up with four bright neons for you.

I've changed the rules with the Swatch Watch slightly, but this change totally works in your benefit.

1. Pick your favourite BYS lacquer.

2. Scroll down to the entry form.

2. Select your favourite BYS Lacquer from the drop down box.

3. Fill in your name and email address.

4. Click 'Submit Entry'.

5. Do a happy dance because you've just got your entry in.

6. This competition is open to everyone (so long as your postal service can accept nail polish) and will close on 8am, 13th March 2010, Eastern Standard Time.

Now for the rules change.  Previously, only those that voted for the winning lacquer were entered into the final draw.  This time, that requirement will no longer apply.  Everyone who votes goes into the final draw.  The poll part of this competition is now just for fun and because we all love voting and democracy.

If you're the lucky winner, you will win the lacquer you voted for PLUS you can choose one other lacquer from the ones swatched.  Neat, huh?

So, what are you waiting for? Get voting!

The Right Bright
This is a gorgeous neon yellow.  While the colour is fabulous, the five coats to get there were painful.

I'm sorry if you now have that classic 80s song in your word.  This is a lovely neon green, but it will take you four coats before it becomes opaque.  Unfortunately, this photo washes out the green a little.  It is a true neon green.

Neon Fires
A fabulous, creamy, orange neon .  This only took two coats to get to bottle colour and is just an out and out stunner.

Pink Panic
My personal favourite.  A gorgeous, bright, hot Barbie Pink.  This was another two coater and was an absolute delight to apply.  Bear in mind that, like the green, this photo kinda washes out the pink.  This is a, make no mistakes about it, bright pink.


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