Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Giveaway Winner!


When I launched the February Giveaway, I couldn't quite predict the wonderful response.  I don't say this nearly enough but thanks to every one of you.  I appreciate, and am always humbled by, your presence here. Yep, that's about as sloppy as I get.

So, onto the real reason you're reading this post.

The winner of the February Giveaway (as drawn by Random Generator and not Raider, Diana's awesome cat, which I'm planning to steal if and when I ever visit Diana) is....

Congratulations Brooke!  What a fantastic winner!

Don't forget that, tomorrow, voting in the Great Aussie Swatch Watch opens.  So, if you are disappointed at not winning the February Giveaway, you could win yourself two great BYS lacquers.


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