Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Minx - Silver Lightning

As some of you may have guessed from this morning, I've been Minxed!

I visited the fabulous technicians at Ottoman 3 Nail and Brow Bar who, within an hour, transformed my naked nails into on trend talons of shiny goodness. 

I must admit, I was really sceptical of Minx nails when I first started seeing them on celebrities.  I didn't think it would work, or look very good, on my nails.  I was wrong.  Totally wrong.  I can see how this type of manicure could become very, very addictive.

Scroll down and click 'Read More' for a step by step description of the Minx process.

This is a very photo heavy post, so please be patient as the photos load. :-)

Before we started, the technician gave my hands a lovely manicure.  She shaped my nails, gave my cuticles a clean and ensured there was no oil on the nails.

Then we got Minxing!

Step 1: Picking the Minx

Ottoman 3 have a great range of coverings.  This was the hardest part of the whole manicure for me.  How could I pick just one when there were so many amazing options!

I tossed up for ages between the classic Silver Lightning (smack bang in the middle) and Bridal Lace (second from the right).  In the end I chose Silver Lightning for no other reason than I tossed a coin.

For those of you who might be interested, Katy Perry has worn the flower covering (third from the right).

Step 2: Silver Lightning

Once I made my decision, the technician got out a template with the coverings.

Each Minx template comes with a range of nail sizes, so you're almost guaranteed to have one that will fit your nails.

Step 3: Warming the Minx

The technician warmed up the Minx slightly under a heat lamp.

Step 4: Matching shapes to my nails



This process took a while but, as I found out from the technician, it's important for the shape to match the natural nail as closely as possible. If the Minx is too small, it won't cover the nail.  If it's too large, it will adhere to the skin and will come off sooner (and won't look as good).

Step 5: My shapes

Here are my shapes, warming up under the heat lamp.  Aren't they cute?!  The technician left these for around five minutes to heat up.  Once they were bendable and warm, they were ready to apply.

Step 6: Sticking on the Minx (or as I like to call it, 'Putting on the Ritz' - I bet you have that song in your head now, right?

This process involve removing the Minx from the backing plastic.  The texture of the Minx is like the protective cover you used to put on your school books (we called it 'contact' in Australia).  Very pliable but super strong.

And, just on a side note, check out my technician's nails.  Aren't they amazing?  Bio-Sculpture totally rocks my world whenever I see it.

Step 7: Stretching the Minx to fit

Because the Minx is pliable, it can be stretched to fit the nail.  My technician carefully ensured that there were no bubbles, lifting and that the Minx covered the entire nail.  Once she was satisfied, she twisted the end like a bon bon and left the minx to cool down completely.

I'm still flabbergasted at how good the technician's nails were.  I always give a salon extra points when the technicians themselves have flawless hands.  The ladies at Ottoman 3 were all immaculately dressed and 'nailed'.

Step 8: Immediately after application

Already, even before the final filing is done, I'm in love with my nails.  How glamorous do they look?!  Where's my Golden Globes frock?  And where's my date, Alexander Skarsgard?

Step 9: Filing away the excess

Once the Minx had completely cooled, my technician carefully filed away the excess at the edge of my nail.

Step 10: Look Glamorous!

I could do my makeup using these nails as mirror. Check out that super foily shine!

The price for the full manicure (including shaping of the nail, cuticle clean, massage and a free nail file) was $60, which I think is pretty good value. 

It's now Day 3 since I got them done and they look just as they did on Day 1. I have heard horror stories of them lifting within a day but that hasn't happened, in my experience.

So, ladies, what do you think? Have you been Minxed, are you Minxing, or are you planning to Minx?


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