Friday, February 12, 2010

Scandal - Amoled Glam

Oh my, I can hear the squeeeeeee-ing from here.

Is this just not the most amazing glitter?! It reminds me of pink champagne were it to be suspended in a disco concoction of glitter.

Serious.  Glitter.  Coma.  You better believe I'm wearing this for Valentine's Day.  The boy doesn't stand a chance.

And now for the mystery.  I have no idea the brand of this lacquer although the top of the bottle says 'Scandal' and the label at the bottom of the bottle says Amoled Glam.  So that's what I'm going with. 

I tried to get some information about the brand from the shop assistant, but the poor thing wilted under the barrage of 'What is this brand', 'Where does it come from', 'Who makes it', 'Now, tell me where the pork buns are'.  I think she needed a nap by the time I left the shop.

Mystery Solved!  Gum Leaf Mafi-ette, Kaz, has found out about the manufacturer and where these can be purchased online.  Seriously, the colour range on these is phenomenal.  I'm buying more.  Forget the ban I imposed on myself five minutes ago.  All bets are off!

Quality-wise, I can't fault this.  This swatch is two coats, which I always find impressive in a glitter.  And it dries to a super shiny finish.  No Seche Vite needed here!  Although, if you're in a hurry, you'll still need to use a fast dry top coat.  This took around 30 minutes to dry.

Another thing I wanted to mention was the bottle.  I'll hide this part under a cut because I know some of you read YGN at work and, whilst the bottle isn't quite p0rnographic, it's still a little risque (Scroll down and click 'Read More').

Beautiful huh?  And I bet some of you are already thinking 'Mmmm, I've seen that bottle before' because that's precisely what I thought when I first saw the bottle.

It looks like an Nfu.Oh bottle.  At first glance.

I lined them up side by side (credit to Vivid Nails for the photo of the Nfu.Oh Bottle).

There are obvious differences: the Nfu.Oh bottle is matte whilst the Scandal bottle is glossy.  And the detailing is different.  But they're pretty darn similar in concept.

So, ladies, would you like to see more of the Scandal lacquers?  If enough of you like them, I'll buy some more and we'll see if they can shock and awe as much as Amoled Glam.


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