Friday, February 5, 2010

Chanel - Vendetta

Can't.  Stop.  Hyperventilating.

Ladies, I present...... Chanel's Vendetta.

I have wanted this lacquer for so long but, living in Australia, it costs us a ridiculous $50 per bottle.  I can't justify spending that when I know I can get it overseas for a shedload less.

Thankfully, my mum lives in France, where Chanel is much more reasonably priced, so she brought this over for me for Christmas.  Yay for mum!

This is, quite simply, one of the most beautiful lacquers I own.  It's a deep purple with a blue shimmer running through it.  It's velvety, luscious and vamp-alicious.

It's classic Chanel at its best.  The formula is extraordinarily good.  It dries to a high shine.  And it lasts for days before it slowly starts to wear at the tip. 

So, ladies, do you not love this?  Do you have a favourite Chanel?  More importantly, do you know of anyone prepared to sell me Chanel Jade? That's one lacquer I would spend $50 on.   :-))


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