Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hey There, Wait A Minute Mr Postman - Kit + A gift from the UK

Ladies, I've been shopping.

So, throughout this week, along with some killer Valentine's Day manicures, I'll be posting evidence of my terrible, terrible habit of buying lacquer on a near daily basis.

The first haul is from Kit Cosmetics.  From left to right, we have Blue Surf (from Kit's Dulux Nail Polish Collection), Pool Party (which is part of Kit's February promotion where, each Monday a new lacquer is made available online.  Each lacquer is only available for one week before it disappears forever), and Speed Demon (which is part of Kit's High Velocity Collection.

The second is a gift from my mother in law.  This came courtesy of a care package.

Mint is from Marks and Spencers. I had no idea these guys even made nail polishes.  This is such a beautiful, pale mint.  I don't think I have anything even close in my collection to this.  But, tell me, what is up with the dodgy off center label?  Quality Assurance Fail.

So, ladies, do you like any of these lacquers?

Oh, and can someone please check on green and blue loving Nea because I suspect her eyes have rolled into the back of her head right about now.

Stay tuned later today for a blisteringly bright manicure.  Ladies, I'm not your nagging mother, but you might want to wear new underwear and sunglasses for it.


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