Friday, February 19, 2010

Milani - Totally Cool

I promised you Aurora Borealis and I think Milani's Totally Cool is pretty much the epitome of the spectacular light show that is the Northern Lights.  This was another freebie care of the awesome Beverly Beate.

This is a phenomenal colour.  It's actually a purple base with super fine pink glitter.  The effect is utterly mesmerising on the nail (please click for the larger version).  It's one of those lacquers where you can't stop looking at your hands when you have it on.

Formula wise, this is lovely.  It is semi-sheer so I ended up needing four coats to get it to the swatch / bottle colour.  Which is ok because it applies like a dream and dries quickly.

I am absolutely loving the Milani formula.  Kinda thin, but never streaky.  I'll be trialling the holographic collection next week, so let's see if the formula in those are as good as the others I've tried.

What do you guys think of Totally Cool?  Do you think we should write into Milani and get them to change the name to Aurora Borealis?


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