Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Essie - Wife Goes On

I'm a total sucker for creamy Raspberry hues, so it's no surprise that Essie's Wife Goes On is a favourite of mine.

This is such a beautiful lacquer.  Unlike so many Essies, this is pretty much opaque in one coat (although the swatch here is two, just because I'm greedy like that).

It glides on easily, dries to a high shine (this is without a top coat) and is just scrumptious on the nail.  This is the type of lacquer where I get a million questions a day from people 'What are you wearing?'.  It's the perfect colour for any occasion.

When I first saw this on, I immediately thought of Mecca Cosmetica's Hippolyta.  I was convinced these two could substitute for each other.

So I did a quick side-by-side.

Aside from the obvious lighting differences, these are very, very similar lacquers. Hippolyta is marginally more blue red, but the bases are the same.

I think I might redo the swatches of these in the same session (so that the lighting is the same), to see if they really are as similar as I think they are.

What do you guys think?


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