Monday, February 8, 2010

Bloom - Audrey + Nail Art

The first of my Valentine's Day manicures uses Bloom's Audrey.

My friend N messaged me at work a couple of weeks ago and said 'I'm wearing this amazing Bloom colour called Audrey'. I immediately conjured up images of China Glaze's For Audrey so you can imagine my surprise when I found out that Bloom's Audrey is a classic raspberry creme.

This is a beautiful, timeless colour. It's the kind of colour you wear if you want to keep things elegant and, yet, don't want to stick to pinks or taupes.

Formula-wise, this is Bloom at its best (with one flaw which I'll go into later).  The formula is neither too runny nor too thick, making it infinitely workable on the nail.  It dries super quickly and to a high shine.  The swatch on the left is sans top coat.

I only have one problem with this.  The opacity.  The swatch here is three coats and I can still see a visible nail line on my ring and little finger.  Not badly, and I suspect no-one else but me would see this, but it still bothers me.  A little.

I suspect this isn't a unique colour by any stretch of the imagination so, for my international readers, if you have a dupe, post a link to it in the comments so that we may all 'ooooh', 'ahhhh'  and delight in raspberry creme goodness.

I also trialled some nail art with this manicure.  I bought some cute little stickers from a $2 shop and thought this was the perfect colour to use them with. 

Unfortunately, in this photo, the manicure looks a little nail wreck-alicious but, in person, this is such a cute little manicure.  It so reminds me of Fiji and the lovely flowers the waitresses in the resort restaurants would insist on putting in my hair.

Ladies, how do you like Bloom's Audrey.  Are you planning a special manicure for Valentine's Day?


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