Wednesday, February 3, 2010

China Glaze - Wizard of Ooh Ahz - Part I

Mmm, so I know all of you have seen China Glaze's Wizard of Ooh Ahz collection swatched a million times so... uh..... just pretend to look surprised.

This is a gorgeous collection.  Every colour is spectacular in its own right, although I admittedly do have my favourites.

I've divided this post into two, just because of the size of the photos and because I've done a couple of dupe comparisons. 

Check out Part I after the jump! (Scroll down and click 'Read More')

Cowardly Lyin' - not my favourite but a lovely gold.

Cowardly Lyin vs 5 Golden Rings
I prefer 5 Golden Rings but then I love shiny things!

The Ten Man - a pearly silver.  So lovely!

The Ten Man vs Tinsel
Once again, I prefer Tinsel although The Ten Man is rather stunning

Stay tuned for Part II later this afternoon.  This collection gets even better!


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