Saturday, February 6, 2010

Naily News #18

If I'm a mathematician, and I'm not so you probably shouldn't listen to me, you have about an hour left to vote in the Great Aussie Swatch Watch.  Vote now if you haven't already!

I was just thinking about Piggy Polish the other day, wondering if I should get any.  If Kaz's swatches are any indication, then I definitely should.

Leanne rocks a GOSH rainbow.

If a shimmering black on beautiful nails is your thing, check out Nail Juice.

I'm flyin' high with Nea's manicure.

Nixxy nails a cranberry pink.

Diana's (yet another nail art) masterpiece reminds me of beautiful seas and mermaids.

Is there anything Mecca Cosmetica's Celia can't do?  Gilded Angel shows yet another side to this super versatile lacquer.

If you're looking for hot stuff, Magic Maid is the place to be.  She also has a very nice manicure for you.

All You Desire layers it up, and it's super spectacular!

Kae has found the perfect hot pink.  It's truly glorious.

Stay tuned guys.  I'll be announcing the winner of the Great Aussie Swatch Watch later this afternoon!


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