Saturday, February 13, 2010

Naily News #19

Stay tuned later today when I announce the details of the February Giveaway!

 For some reason, Nixxy's manicure makes me want a martini.  And chips.

Naive Nails has my heart all a-flutter.

Skye has a beautiful Valentine's Day manicure.  It's like Barbie Girl meets glitzy glam.

Brooke, by virtue of her exquisite konad-icure, make me realise how much I suck at konad.

Mary's manicure takes me back to warm nights in Fiji.

Kaz joins the Illamasqua Tragics Club.

Diana just needs to stop.  Just when I think I might be mastering nail art, she blows me out of the water.  This time it's peacocks.  Damn awesomely painted peacocks.

If you want a pink with a difference, check out the Nail Nerd.

Illamasqua Skittles?  Rebecca has gone there.

If you really needed proof that Ginger is the Queen of Purple, here it is!


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