Friday, February 26, 2010

kit - Island Hopping

**This is the last photo taken with my old camera.  Check out that great hand position!  I just need to translate that to my new camera and we'll be set.**

All through the month of February, kit Cosmetics have had weekly online exclusive lacquers.  Each Monday, a new lacquer is released, and is only on sale for that week before it disappears forever.

Some of the lacquers I didn't like.  But Island Hopping was one I 'hopped on' (don't pardon the pun, it's intentional) straight away.

This is a magnificant, glorious, [insert superlative here], shimmering blue.  In some lights, it can look quite muted, whilst at others - like here - it is like a shimmering pool of water.

Formula wise, this is kit at its best.  Smooth, intuitive, two coats to opaque and dries quickly.  If you want a glassy finish, I'd recommend a coat of Seche, but it's not really that necessary.

Ladies, what do you think of Island Hopping?  Care to come away with me?!


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