Wednesday, February 3, 2010

China Glaze - Wizard of Ooh Ahz - Part II

So, ladies, did you enjoy Part I? Aren't they amazing lacquers.

Here is Part II, and my personal favourites, of the collection.

Once again, I've hidden them behind the jump just because the photos are large and take ages to load.

Enjoy! (Scroll down and click 'Read More')

Ruby Pumps - Ahhh, what I can say.  It's stunning.

Good Witch - I know this wasn't a favourite with everyone but I go gaga over this one.  It's a pink glitter, for crying out loud!  What's not to love?!

C-C-Courage - a stunning graple that.... oh, look.... words can't describe how glorious this is.  
It's just cosmic.

Dorothy Who - undoubtedly this is the star of the collection.  For me anyway.  A glorious glitter blue that twinkles and glows.

Ok, ladies... spill.  Which is your favourite in this collection?  I love them all like I love prawn dumplings.


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