Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Milani - 3D Holographic Collection

Today, it's all about the Milani 3D Holographic Collection.

I love this collection.  It's cheap, the formula is lovely and.... well, it's holo and how can one resist!

What I'm not in love with at the moment, though, is Cherry Culture.  Although I had bought, and paid for, all six lacquers in this collection, only five came.  I assumed it was just a mistake, however, when I emailed Cherry Culture, they told me the missing lacquer was not in stock and that they would refund me.  It just seems kind of shady that they didn't tell me about the lacquer being out of stock at the time they packed it, or even afterwards.  It took me pointing it out to them before an explanation and refund was provided.  Shady.

Anyway, rant aside, I've put these under a cut because the photos are large and it takes a while for the page to load.  Scroll down and click 'Read More'.

I've also just bought a new camera (a Sony DSC T90, for those interested). These are the first swatches I've taken, so please excuse the odd hand positioning and weird perspective. I'm still getting used to how the camera works. I'm sure I'll get better.

On the positive side, the new camera is capturing the colour and brilliance of lacquers perfectly - how these photos look is precisely how the lacquers look in person. Make sure you click to see the holo close up.  It's spectacular.  :-)

Probably my least favourite of the five.  It's a lovely holo but just doesn't suit my skin tone.

A lovely, glassy silver shimmer.  Definitely click to see the holo in this one.

Wow, this is a beautiful purple holo.  It has a coolness that I can't quite put my finger on.  Love it.

My favourite of the collection.  This has an icy tone to it.  It's just gorgeous.

Hi Tech
Not my personal favourite but the very clear standout of the collection.  Just stunning.  There is nothing I've seen like it.

So, ladies, what do you think?  Any particular favourites?  


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