Sunday, March 28, 2010

Naily News #25

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Elizabeth has a manicure I like to call Squee Twee.  Really, this is an amazing manicure - YOU MUST CLICK!

Not a manicure, but MeganChair has a great story of how she stopped biting her nails and started growing them.

How did I miss this St Patrick's Day manicure?!?!

Mary is high steppin' the Barielle Summer 2010 Collection.

Skulda has convinced me that it is a matter of life and death if I don't get my hands on Jade is the New Black.

Super Kawaii Mama (not a dedicated nail blogger, but a supremo blogger nonetheless), has a booty call.

Give Me Liberty of London - you will be mine.  See Nail Juice for the best argument as to why I need these lacquers.

Ok, Gilded Angel has also convinced me re Jade is The New Black.   She glitters it up and I think my eyes just rolled into the back of my head.

Ok, this is really corny but Skye's nails just Blue Me Away.  I can hear you groaning.  Don't think I can't.

Who doesn't love a Chanel dupe?  Scandalous has one that is amazing.

Nyx Girls Deep Space, come to mama.

You know, I never really care what Nihrida is wearing.  I just love looking at her nails.  This manicure is a triumph of hot colour and beautiful nails.

Nixxy trials Gold Dragon.  And creates an instant lemming in the process.

If you have a great nail post, please share it in the comments. 

And if you're wondering about this week's photo, click on the jump to see affirmations you might not normally see.... :-)

When I was promoted last year, one of my bestest friends, and colleague, gave me a book of retro-style pictures with snarky life affirmations. 

I keep this on my desk and it never fails to entertain me.  Especially at the moment, when I'm working 12 hour days.  This cheers me up no end.

I actually don't like this one but have included because I wanted your opinions on whether the guy is Jack Nicholson.

 This is the one that I love the best and I'm not entirely sure why.  It just makes me laugh everytime.

I hope you're all having a great weekend!


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