Saturday, March 6, 2010

Naily News #22

Have you entered the Great Aussie Swatch Watch? There is still time. Click here to vote!

If you want a taupe grey, then check out Babbling Brooke.

A blog I always love to read is Short n Chic, mostly because the gals there have short nails like me.  Here is a fab Milani holo.

Doo has the loveliest ice princess manicure.  Period.


All You Desire confirms why I love Illamasqua so freaking much.

Nail Talez is a brand new blog, specialising in nail.  Check it out!

Naive Nails has pretty sea sparkles on her nails.

Nail Juice trials Jade is the New Black.  And now, Jacie is the New Jealous.

I have some Fimo.  One day I hope to be able to do what Diana does with hers.

Megan Chair does a bright red comparison.  And I think I just died and went to heaven as a result.

Please check out my girl, Kiki Chaos.  She's another new blogger who, although not entirely nail devoted, does have some great manicures.

Elizabeth does a fab yellow comparison that makes me want.... more yellow.

Kaz discovers the awesomesauce of China Glaze Atlantis.


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