Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tagged - 10 Things That Make Me Happy

Just before I do this tag, I wanted to make an announcement about a couple of changes brewing at YGN.

From this week onwards, I'll no longer be posting the Sunday Sneak Peak.  Meh, it's filler and I know I hate filler on other sites, so why I have it here on YGN is a mystery.  Instead, Sunday will now be the home of the Naily News.

To replace the Naily News, which normally goes live on Saturday, I'm upping my posting of manicures to six days a week.

I'm also tossing up the idea of Sunday featuring a Guest Blogger Exclusive.  That is, a manicure from another blogger, which is a YGN exclusive, along with an interview of that blogger.  If this is something some of you might be interested in, let me know in the comments. 

Mmmm, now that I've written all of that, it doesn't seem that exciting.  It must be those five beers I drank before writing this.  Kidding.  It was six.  And some cask wine but that's a whole other story.

Anyway, I was tagged by the lovely Samantha of Naive Nails to do the 10 Things That Make Me Happy tag.

So here goes.... (all photos are clickable for larger versions).

1. My Husband

He's my best friend.

I don't know if I've ever told you guys the story of how he and I met.

I was drinking in the pub two weeks before Christmas my graduate year.  He walked into the bar.  We stared at each other, smiled, and that was it.

Within a week, I had moved in with him.  Within three weeks we were engaged.  Within 18 months, we had married.

So, if anyone ever says love at first sight doesn't exist, don't believe them.

2. My Children

My two beautiful boys.

Chuff (on the left) is four and a half and the sweetest kid you're ever likely to meet.  He also apparently has a promising career as an Ikea model (seriously, doesn't this photo look straight out of an Ikea catalogue).

Boo (on the right), you all know.  Here he is taking care of business.  You better believe I'll be using THAT photo in the future to embarrass him / chase off girlfriends I don't approve of.

3. My Dogs & Cat

We have two dogs.

Kabuki is a Rottweiler / German Shepherd mix. She is named after the Japanese dance drama genre, Kabuki, of which I'm a big fan.  She looks like a Shepherd, walks like a Rottweiler, and has a docked tail.

Our other dog is called Wayne because he's a bogan and all bogans should be called Wayne.  He is a Kelpie / Border Collie / Staffordshire Terrier mix.

Both dogs are rescue dogs and we wouldn't have it any other way.  Mongrels all the way in our house.

We also have a cat called Diddles but I can't find any photos of him.  He is an aging gigolo.  He never comes into the house without bringing girlfriends in with him. 

4. Cadbury Creme Eggs

I live for this time of year because it means Cadbury Creme Eggs.

I'm really embarrassed to say that I can eat up to 10 of these a day.

But, really, is there anything sweeter than a Cadbury Creme Egg.  No, really.  It is loaded with sugars.  Perfect for a mid afternoon slump at work.

5. Barbagallo Restaurant

My favourite restaurant at the moment for two reasons.

One is the Gorgonzola Gnocchi. They wrap the Gnocchi AROUND the gorgonzola, cook, and then serve it in a gorgonzola sauce.  It's heaven on earth.

Second is their Cassata slice that makes me happy to be alive.

6. Statistics

I am a statistician by trade, although I've worked as an auditor since graduating university.

I actually love numbers, love analysing numbers, and playing with numbers.

My idea of work heaven is being given a spreadsheet of data, and splicing and dicing it like a bartender splices and dices a cocktail.

7. Sour Dough Bread

It's becoming clear that food makes me happy.

Sour dough makes me especially happy during winter.  Especially with loads of butter, vegemite, and melted cheese on top.  I know my Australian girls are drooling right about now at the thought of that breakfast.

8. Autumn in Melbourne

We're heading into my favourite time of year in Melbourne: Autumn.

It's the colours of Autumn that make me happy.  Rich oranges, warm reds, cool nights.  It's the perfect season.

Oh, and don't forget kicking leaves as you walk along.  I'm now thirty-f.... well let's just say I'm old enough to know better, but I still do it.

9. My Postman

He makes me happy but it appears he's just not that into me.

It could have something to do with the first time we met as he delivered my mail and I came flying out the door, sans brassiere.  Normally, this wouldn't happen but I was just so excited about him delivering some nail polish that I forgot.

He probably thought he was in a Carry On film.

10. My Fellow Nail Bloggers

Corny, I know, but you guys really do brighten my day in ways you could not imagine.  I started this blog just after we got Boo's diagnosis.  So this blog reflects a brighter time in our lives, where we finally understood what was going on with him, and could get him the assistance he needed.

Every comment and every visited is received gratefully and happily.  The nail blogging community is a warm, generous place to be.  You rock my world. :-)


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