Wednesday, March 10, 2010

China Glaze - Up and Away - Part I - Yellows

I know you've all seen the China Glaze Up and Away collection a million times on a million other blogs, so I'm offering nothing special here on YGN today.

Pretend like it's the first time.  Come on!  Surely the Oscars inspired you how to feign surprise, shock and awe!

Part I is the Yellows (including the orange and corals).  I found a couple of dupes for some of these (indeed, I think most of this collection is dupe-able), which I've also included.

Stay tuned later today for Parts II (pinks) and III (greens and purples).

Lemon Fizz
The problem child of this collection. Thick and gloopy, this is just two coats but it looks like ten.  A lovely colour but not worth the hassle.

I thought Ulta3's Spring Blossom and Mecca Cosmetica's Helen might be dupes for Lemon Fizz.  As you can see, Spring Blossom is supremely close.  Helen, on the other hand, is a tad more orange.  Formula-wise, the little Ulta3 is by far the best.  So much easier to work with than the other two.

Peachy Keen
This is SUCH a beautiful orange.  Like Lemon Fizz, it's gloopy but not nearly as difficult to work with.

I compared Peachy Keen to Mecca Cosmetica's Emilia, from the Autumn 2010 Collection.  Peachy Keen is more, well, peachy, but these two are really close

Happy Go Lucky
What a fabulous neon yellow!  Love, love love this one!

I compared Happy Go Lucky to BYS' The Right Bright, which is part of this month's Great Aussie Swatch Watch.  Once again, these two are very close in colour.

High Hopes
Oooh, another one I love.  What a gorgeous reddish coral.  I normally don't like how corals make my skin look, but this is a coral I could fall in love with.

So that's the yellows.  What do you guys think?  Any favourites?


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