Tuesday, March 23, 2010

BYS - Black Satin

 Bah, excuse the terrible application on my index finger.  I did this in a hurry late at night, which is kind of like driving when you're tired - it's possible but probably not recommended.

Black Satin is yet another winner from the fabulous BYS (aka The Little Aussie Brand That Could, And Did).

This is a lovely creme.  It is opaque in one coat - although I did two here to try and compensate for the crappy application, failing miserably - and dries to a high shine.

I've heard that some of you in the UK are now seeing BYS.  I'm so glad to hear this news because, really, this brand is way too good to limit to us Aussies alone.

Do you have a favourite black?  I'm only just starting to get into them and would love to hear about your favourites.  Any recommendations?

This product was provided for review by Rocking Director Dave of Fashion Addict.  For more details on YGN's disclosure policy, click here.


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