Friday, March 26, 2010

GOSH - Peachy

**Please forgive the shortness of this post.  I'm sick with a really bad cold.  Instead of creativity flowing, my nose is - ewwww**

My last foray into the world of GOSH was a little less than successful.

So when my mother in law - yes, my funky, 70 year old mother in law - sent me this, I was kinda wary. Would it suffer the same fate as it's cousin?

Not a chance.  This is a brilliant, vibrant orange that was a dream to apply.  I probably could have gotten away with one thick coat but this is two thin ones.

I've already placed an order with my mother in law for more colours. I think I'm ready to take the GOSH plunge.

This is my second GOSH - so I've had one good experience and one not so good.  What do you think of GOSH lacquers?  Do you have any other favourites I should be adding to my list?


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