Tuesday, April 13, 2010

American Apparel - Peacock

 Diffused Light

I gave you guys a break from my American Apparel fetish but it's back!

This time, it's Peacock which is a fabulous teal. Two coats and it's opaque and super shiny (this is sans topcoat).  So shiny, in fact, that you can actually see me in the photos - I'm on the left and you can see the camera on the right.  I love it when I can use a lacquer as a mirror.

When I tried this, I instantly wondered if it could be a dupe for Mecca Cosmetica's Lychorinda.  I've lined the two up side-by-side after the jump.

Diffused Light

Mmmmmm, no.  They are similar but there is definitely no duping going on here.  Lychorinda is a lot greener than Peacock.

I'm totally digging these kinds of greeny-blues at the moment.  If you have any suggestions of similar colours, let me know in the comments.  I'm looking to expand my stash and could use some ideas.


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