Monday, April 5, 2010

Great Aussie Swatch Watch - TBN

Welcome to the April Great Aussie Swatch Watch!

This month's lacquer is Totally Beautiful Nails.  This lacquer doesn't get as much as love in Australia as Ulta3 or BYS, but it's a lacquer brand I absolutely rate.  The lacquers are great quality, they're cheap ($2.50) and the brush is, as I've mentioned before, just as good as an OPI Pro-Wide.

The rules of this competition are the same as always.

1. Pick your favourite TBN lacquer.

2. Scroll down to the entry form.

2. Select your favourite TBN Lacquer from the drop down box.

3. Fill in your name and email address.

4. Click 'Submit Entry'.

5. Do a happy dance because you've just got your entry in.

6. This competition is open to everyone (so long as your postal service can accept nail polish) and will close on 4pm, 17th April 2010, Australian Standard Time.

If you're the lucky winner, you will win the lacquer you voted for PLUS you can choose one other lacquer from the ones swatched. 

And now, for the additional prize.  If you are selected as the winner AND you are also a follower of YGN (this is mandatory if you want to win the additional prize - I want to be able to offer followers an additional 'Mwah, I love you lots' prize), you will receive, in addition to the two lacquers of your choice, a bottle of Ulta3's Spring Shower.

So, what are you waiting for? Get voting!

Aubergine (Diffused Light)
A lovely, shimmery purple.  This is like a 'Choose Your Own Nail Adventure' lacquer.  It is opaque in two coats but, the more coats you add, the colour changes from being a reddish aubergine to a more purple based colour.  It's beautiful.

Black Beauty (Diffused Light)
A stunning black that is opaque in two coats.  Sorry for the bad application - I am terrible at applying black lacquers!

 Brown Earth (Diffused Light)
A shimmering golden brown. This is one of those colours that, once you have it on, you can't stop looking at your hands.

French Pink (With Flash)
This is another flexible lacquer.  Wear one coat for a sheer look.  Layer it up and it looks like this.  It's beautiful.

Frosty Red (Diffused Light)
One of those most unique red shimmers I've ever seen.  This is a standard jelly red (which, despite five coats, never went fully opaque), but what makes it special is the shimmer.  There is blue shimmer in this, which you can see on my index finger.  It's exquisite, delicious and unique.


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