Sunday, April 11, 2010

Naily News #26

Another Swatch Watch.  Another fabulous response.  If you haven't voted as yet, there's still time!  Click here to pick your favourite TBN lacquer. 

If you don't want the tune of Gold Finger in your head, don't click here.  Too late?  Ok, may as well click then to see Nixxy's Masterpiece.

More Nail Polish is a fab new Aussie nail blog, with a fab franken made from an Ulta3 and pigment.

Diana has a beautiful and simple konad.  She is the Queen.

Jade is the New Black, with flakies.  Well right this way then.

Holographic topcoats are top of Megan's mind.

I love China Glaze's Watermelon Rind.  Brook has a beautiful manicure of it - I urge you to wear sunglasses.

Sky has some Ulta3 love to share.

Elizabeth compares purple holos.  For all holo lovers, this is a must read.

Rebecca rocks a Myrtille.

Nicole has one of the most beautiful holos ever.

There's a reason why Ginger loves purple.  Because it looks so freaking amazing on her.

If you have a nail post you'd like to share, paste your link in the comments.

And read on to find out about my new kick-b*tt boots.

The most exciting thing I did this week was buy some new boots.  Here in Melbourne, it never gets cold enough that you have to wear heavy duty boots, but that doesn't stop Melbourne girls from using the onset of colder weather as an excuse to purchase.

I was originally just going to get some basic riding style boots.  Functional.  Smart.  Can be worn anywhere.  And then I saw these and all rational thoughts like 'Can I even walk in these?' floated away.

How super-sexy are they? And look at that awesome heel!  I'm about three inches taller in these (an important distinction when you're only 5'3") and I feel like an Amazon.


In other news, I had the strangest conversation with my parents earlier in the week.

My folks live in France (my mother is part French and all her family, besides me and my brother, who lives in the US, live in Paris) and, from all accounts, life is good.  Until last week when I had the following conversation with them.

Mum: You need to speak to your father.  Every week, he swears right through church.  Eff this and eff that.  It's embarrassing!  He won't tell me why he does it so maybe you can talk to him?

Me: Put him on the phone then.

Dad: What's up dude? [Yes, my dad calls me dude.  No, he's not Keanu Reeves.]

Me: Why are you swearing in church?

Dad: I'm just testing Jesus' patience.  I'm trying to see what it takes.  Your mother doesn't understand.

Ha! I love my dad.  He had a massive stroke two years ago, and is permanently disabled as a result, but, man, the guy just keeps on rocking through life like Alice Cooper.

I hope you are all well.  Have a great week everyone.  Rock on like my dad!


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