Wednesday, April 7, 2010

OPI - Jade is the New Black

 Diffused Light

I'm probably the only person out there that was not overly thrilled with the OPI Hong Kong Collection.  It was ok but it didn't make me drop my trousers (metaphorically speaking) like, say, the Alice in Wonderland Collection.

So, despite all my natural instincts to purchase the whole collection for the sake of symmetry, I ended up only buying two.  And I'm happy with that decision because the two that I did end up purchasing are beautiful and definite keepers.

One of the colours I purchased is Jade is the New Black.

I can see why everyone loves this colour.  It's an amazing green with hints of a blue undertone.

Formula-wise, this is OPI at its best.  Smooth, creamy, the Pro-Wide brush makes application a dream (this did not require any cleanup whatsoever - quite a feat given that I apply lacquer like a painter on the Titanic) and it's opaque in two coats.

You know, sometimes, in trying other lacquers, I forget just how good OPI can be.  This reminded me of why, for many years, all I bought was OPI.  I may have to start yet another illicit love affair with this brand.


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