Saturday, April 17, 2010

Elianto Shimmer Violet + Ulta3 Spring Shower - Ke$ha Inspired Manicure Part II

We all remember the Ke$ha inspired manicure, right?

Jeannie, from My Latest Obsession, made a comment about using glitter as a French Manicure base.  I thought the idea sounded interesting so I decided to try my hand at another glitter base / solid tip colour except that, this time, it would be in pink.

 Step 1: The Base
I used Elianto's Shimmer Violet for the base.  Two coats and there is visible nail line.  I liked having the nail line still visible because it give me a guide as to where to paint the tip. I applied a coat of Seche Vite over the top, just to give me a smooth canvas to work with for the tips.

Step 2: The Tips
For the tips, I used Ulta3's Hot Spring.  In this photo the tips look a little on the thick side (that's what happens when I use my short nail bed lines as a guide!) but if you keep on scrolling, it looks fine.

Step 3: Party Time!
One more coat of Seche and voila!  Finished product!

Excusing poor execution, I think this is a another great colour combination.  I'm getting into the glitter base French Manicure and am going to try out a few more in the coming weeks (poor you guys having to sit through this, hey?).


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