Thursday, April 1, 2010

kit - Poolside Party

  With flash.  I know this is bright but the picture is totally colour accurate. This is one super bright lacquer.

I don't know what the inspiration is behind kit naming this Poolside Party (a limited edition online-only lacquer).  If I went to a party where the pool looked like this, I'd be worried about fungal infections.  But if the name refers to Mojitos, or even Mint Juleps, then I'm totally behind that.

This is a Granny Smith Apple style green, which I rather like.  Unfortunately, the formula on this is.... well.... thick.  This is one of those frustrating lacquers where the formula is thick enough to be opaque in one coat, but where you end up doing three because the finish on the first and second coats are just streaky-city.  The brush also creates major cuticle drag.  Not a deal breaker but this is a lacquer that takes some work to get looking right.

Do you guys like this type of green?  And do you have  a lacquer that is a genuine one-coater but you end up doing more just to get a good finish?

Stay tuned as I'm announcing the winner of the March Giveaway this afternoon.  It's taken me a couple of days to go through all the entries but we have a winner. :-)


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