Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ulta3 - Razzle

Just between you and me, I think YGN is quietly turning into some den of p0rno.

First we had Blue Bang earlier in the week. And now, I present Ulta3's Razzle.  For the uninitiated, Razzle is a an English magazine that is (or at least was)..... somewhat cheeky.  On one of our first dates, my lovely husband joyfully regaled me with stories about his extensive collection of Razzles.  I suspect he thought he was impressing rather than horrifying me.

Thankfully, this Razzle is completely work and family safe and utterly gorgeous.

Diffused Light

What a sparkly little gem.  It took three coats to get to opaque and is a little streaky but it's fab overall.  I feel like an intergalactic hottie when I wear this.


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