Sunday, April 4, 2010

Naily News #25

Tomorrow, the Great Aussie Swatch Watch begins!  Stay tuned to vote for your favourite lacquer. Plus, this month, there is a special 'followers only' prize.

Diana totally Baroques my world.

Another Tiffany blue.  Another sigh from me.

Kellie Gonzo has a beautiful purple from OPI.  Kellie always makes colours look superb so please check this one out!

Arggghhh!  Scandalously Polished has added another lacquer to my lemming list.

Glitter Coma alert from Naive Nails.  Wear sunglasses.  I don't want to feel bad if you go blind with delight at this one.

The most perfectly created nail beds ever.  End of story.  Right here.

Laine showcases some super cute nail decals. 

Doo has a gorgeous Easter stripey manicure.

China Glaze's Dripping Wet is spectacular - Nicole shows it off to perfection.

If you have a nail post you would like to share, paste a link in the comments.

And read on to find out about our 2010 Family Easter Egg Hunt.

Happy Easter everyone!

I was thinking of taking the boys to church with me this morning but, last time we went, they drank the holy water.  If I was Jesus, I would have smoten the little hoodlums. 

We don't have any family here in Melbourne so it's just the four of us today.  My Great Aunt Crazy will be visiting over lunch, bringing the crazy like only she can.  Last week, she warned me that if I use my mobile too much, I'll become infertile.  Too late, lady.  You could have told me that five years ago when I might have given a damn.  The horse has well and truly bolted.

Here are some photos of the boys from this morning having an Easter Egg hunt.  Yah, ignore the state of our back garden.  It's a rental while our new house is being built, so we don't particularly care about making it look fabulous.

 Let the games begin!  Can you spot the eggs?  Can you also spot the Hills Hoist?

Boo issuing orders to everyone. 

The enthusiasm is palpable

Stage 1 Egg Capture

Stage 2 Egg Capture

Stage 3 Egg Capture

The hunt was a hot mess of running aimlessly around the garden, yelping when an egg was found, and ripping open the packaging to devour the chocolate-y goodness.  The boys also enjoyed participating.

Whatever you're doing today, have a lovely day.  Eat plenty of chocolate.  Give everyone you see a big hug.  And drink lots of holy water.  No, don't do that.  A good smoting always ruins Easter shenanigans.


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