Sunday, April 25, 2010

Naily News #27

Thanks for all the amazing entries so far in the April Giveaway.  There is still a week to enter the competition so, click here, and find out how you can win three Glitter Gal lacquers of your choice.

Totally nail unrelated but way too cute not to include in the Naily News is Balki.

One of the nicest people around, and a massive supporter of nail blogs, Jackie S has finally started up her own blog.  Please check it out and give this lovely lady some love.

Nixxy has an Australis nail disaster.  And has the nuts to tell us about it.

I can't help but love everything Diana does with her nails.  Here is a pink and silver glitter masterpiece.

In honour of Essie being sold to L'oreal, here is a fab little manicure from Naive Nails.

Just to save you precious seconds, set your mouth to open awe before clicking to see this stunning manicure from Nihrida.

Who likes short pants?  It doesn't quite sound as catchy as Who likes Short Shorts, but click to check out this Essie lovely.

Michelyne rocks some flakie love.

Want to see some Mexican lacquers.  Why click right this way....

If you have a nail related post, paste a link in the comments.

And click on the jump to see why I need Kava.  Now.

This week has seriously been one of the toughest I've had in ages.

It's the busiest time of the year at work (we're pulling together our Corporate Plan for 2010/2011) and, as a result, my schedule has looked something like this:
  • 5.30am - wakeup, shower, brush teeth, kiss boys who are still blissfully asleep
  • 6.00am - get on the train
  • 6.30am - arrive at the office, have breakfast and do my makeup
  • 7.00am - start work
  • 6.30pm - finish work
  • 7.00pm - get home just in time to tuck the boys into bed
  • 7.30pm - eat dinner and get YGN post ready for the next day
  • 8.30pm - bed.
Soviet Summer Camp.  It's been one of those weeks where I am forever grateful that I swatch on the weekend because there would have been zero YGN posts otherwise.

So I have had nothing much exciting happen this week, unless you count EBIT calculations and carriage damage (which sounds sexier than it actually is). 

Hence this week's picture.  Oh, you better believe it's Kava time. And like the sign says: NOW.


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