Tuesday, April 6, 2010

BYS - Cracked Nail Polish in Pink & Black

BYS have gone totally off the chain with their Cracked Nail Polish line.

For a little Aussie brand to create a product this good and this innovative is.... legacy building.  If BYS are planning to launch themselves overseas in a big way - and if their products are popping up in the UK, then I'd say that is evidence of an international strategy - this is the product that will establish their credentials.

It is brilliant.

I've set out this review as a stage by stage tutorial (which does mean you see my nails pre-cleanup so be prepared for some messy), complete with plenty of photos of the end result.  Given the number and size of the photos, the review is after the jump off.

Just to save you a few seconds, set your faces to stunned delight and read on......

I used the Pink and Black Cracked Polish kit, which consists of Pink Panic, Black Cracked Coat and a Top Coat.
 Stage 1: Base Coat
This set came with a Pink Panic base.  Pink Panic is part of BYS' normal line of lacquers, which suggests that you may not need a special base coat lacquer for this to work.

 Stage 2: Black Cracked Coat - 5 Minutes After Application
 The top photo is without flash.  The bottom is with flash.  Both have my grubby mitt prints all over them.  As you can see, about five minutes after application cracks have already formed throughout the lacquer.  It kinda reminds me of a chocolate Easter egg.  If you look closely, you'll see that the finish is like a semi-matte.  I found that, when I first applied the black polish, it went on shiny.  As it dried, and the cracks emerged, it began to turn matte.

Stage 3: Top Coat- 10 Minutes after Cracked Coat application
The top photos are with flash.  The bottom photos are without.  After 10 minutes, all the cracking is complete.  I think it looks absolutely awesome.  In diffused light, it's subtle.  In bright light, it 'crackles'.

I like that this is fool-proof nail art, so even I can't muck it up, but what do you all think?  Do you like the idea of crackled nail polish? 

This product was provided to me for review by Rocking Director Dave of Fashion Addict.  Click for more information on YGN's Disclosure Policy.


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