Wednesday, April 28, 2010

OPI - Sweet Pink - **Japanese Exclusive**

Apologies for the banner picture being in Japanese but this is a Japanese collection, after all!  If any of my Japanese readers are able to translate, please paste the English in the comments.

Thanks to lovely YGN reader, Emma Joy, I was able to get my hands on OPI's Sweet Pink Collection which, from what I understand, is a Japanese exclusive. How exotic!

I had high hopes for this collection.  In the bottle, each one of these looks amazing.  Good enough to eat.

In reality, this collection is a mix of the good and not so good for me.  One lacquer just does not fulfill its potential (you'll see why after the jump).  One goes on completely differently to how it looks in the bottle.  And then there are two that are adorably squee.  All are sheer-ish and need around 3-4 coats.

Check them out after the jump!  All photos are taken in diffused light.

Sugar Cookie Pink
This is the one that just doesn't live up to its potential.  In the bottle, it's exquisite.  On the nail it is super sheer and never gets to opaque.  The swatch above is an eye watering seven coats.  By this time, it was getting so gluggy on the nail that it looked like I was wearing acrylics.  I so wish this wasn't so sheer because the bottle colour is divine.

Pink Caramel
It was this lacquer that inspired me to buy the whole collection.  I loved the idea of a creamy caramel with hints of green-ish shimmer through it.  In reality, this goes on alot lighter than the bottle suggests and the shimmer is super bright.  This is a lovely colour but it wasn't what I expected.

Pink a Peach
I did not expect to love this colour.  But, by goodness, it's gorgeous.  It's one of those pinks that would flatter ANY skintone.  It's soft and delicate and beautifully feminine.  I see this as a spunkier alternative to bridal pinks.

Pink Cupcake
Hands down, pants down winner of this collection.  This is a Barbie pink with... wait for it.... light blue shimmer.  LIGHT BLUE SHIMMER.  It's an unbelievably good combination and the effect on the nail is exquisite.  This is a lacquer that OPI should, nay MUST, make part of its core line, if it isn't already.  It is too good just to be a limited edition.

So what do you guys think?  This collection had a couple of surprise packages for me but, all up, I think I like it.


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