Monday, April 26, 2010

LA Girl - Paparazzi

 Diffused Light (please excuse the shininess here, I'd just applied moisturiser)

After last week's Soviet Summer Camp, I decided to brighten up this week with some pinky sparkle.I apologise for the crappiness of this swatch - the gap is way too large and my hands look like they've been playing in olive oil.  Sorry!

Paparazzi is from LA Girl's Rockstar Collection and is one of those lovely cheap lacquers that, whilst not entirely changing the universe for the better, easily changes your mood from sad to rad.

This can be used as either a layering lacquer or on its own - although it doesn't entirely succeed as either.  The pink base will alter the base colour you're wearing so you need to be aware of that when using it for layering.  At the same time the pink base is so sheer that it never quite gets opaque.  This is four coats and there is still a very clear nail line.

So whilst I love the pinky goodness of this, I'm not entirely sure how or where I would wear this?  What do you guys think?


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