Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ulta3 - Sizzling Red

Diffused Light

When it comes to lacquers, I can never go past red.  It is far and away my favourite colour.

So Ulta3's Sizzling Red already has a head start in the 'win Jacie's heart' stakes.  The fact that it's a blue-red, glides on like butter, dries to a high shine and is just old-school Hollywood glamour red?  Top of the class for this one.

The fun doesn't stop there though.  After the jump is this lacquer with an Inglot flakie.  I blame Toxin for my love of Inglot flakies - she started it all with this post!

 Diffused Light

The quality of Inglot flakies is superb.  The flakes glide on beautifully.  You don't need many coats (this is is just one).  And they dry smooth.  Given I have trouble accessing Nfu.Oh flakies, these are a fabulous compromise.


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